5 Unique Baby Shower Gifts

5 Unique Baby Shower Gifts

It’s officially baby season! And if the loooong winter weather was any indication, it sure seems to have been pretty successful! Which brings us to baby gifts. If you’re anything like us, we can’t stand the thought of having to buy one more present from an Amazon, Target or Baby-R-Us (#RIP) registry, knowing that it will most likely stay in the package or even worse, not be remembered.

That is why, as we plan to attend our 38th baby shower, we are on a crusade to give a gift that has meaning, thought, and most importantly, love behind it. Because after all, did you really need ALL of those blankets?

Check out our list of 5 unique baby shower gifts.

Zaza Baby Bee Personalized Pacifier Clip and Teething Ring 5 Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Personalized Pacifier Clip + Teething Ring, Zaza Baby Bee; $26

Unless you are attending a sprinkle, first time moms *always* forget about the pacifier clip and teething rings, amiright? We chalk this up to the hope that their baby will never grow up, hence not needing the aforementioned. But, sadly enough, they do *cue ugly cry* Be ahead of the game with this handcrafted and personalized pacifier clip and teething ring in one from Zaza Baby Bee. Starting at $26, we can already hear the ooohs and ahhhs from the crowd.


Hollamama Baby Gift Set Stroller Charm Organic Swaddle Blanket 5 Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Gift Set, Hollamama; $45

So you’re saying to yourself, ‘a blanket for a baby shower? Groundbreaking!’ But OH, IT IS SO MUCH MORE than that! This baby gift set not only comes with an organic gender-neutral swaddle, but it also contains a one-of-a-kind, 24k gold-plated stroller charm. Outfitted with your choice of ribbon color (8 options) and baby animal (9 options), each animal has a different set of virtues, with the overall symbolism being protection and positive energy. Your expecting mom can place it on her stroller, diaper bag, bassinet or crib for a little extra luck for the new babes and herself!

TIP: Great gift for first time moms!


Snuggle Me Organic Baby Lounger Hollamama 5 Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Organic Lounger, Snuggle Me; $140 || courtesy of @lynzyandco

This is definitely *not* the most exciting present to be received, but we guarantee by day 3 of mommyhood, she will be whispering ‘thank you’ to herself over and over again. And while the “unique” factor may be slightly diminished, it’s the actual product and technology that is the real winner here. Although there are hundreds of baby loungers out there - and some that will make you audibly gasp at the price - the Snuggle Me has a patented design that makes the baby feel like they are physically being hugged and cuddled, which in turn makes sleep - and everything else! - that much easier. Plus, it’s machine washable, made with organic and hypoallergenic materials, and produced right here in the good ole US of A ! #Winning

Hollamama Mama Collection Convertible Women's Jewelry 5 Unique Baby Shower Gifts   Hollamama Mama Collection Convertible Women's Jewelry 5 Unique Baby Shower Gifts


Who says a baby shower has to be only about the baby? Spoil the mama-to-be with jewelry that is as special as she is, like this 24k gold-plated Convertible Necklace + Bracelet from Hollamama’s Mama Collection. Each piece has a heart and teardrop charm featuring a Hamsa Hand cutout, the symbol for protection and good luck, along with an elegantly designed woman - 4 to chose from - that have individual virtues sure to speak to the new mama. This exceptionally remarkable present will forever hold a special place in her heart and help guide her through all the beautiful ups and tough downs of motherhood. There’s really no better gift than that <3


Savage Seeds Mommy and Me Clothing 5 Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Matching Onesies + Tees, Savage Seeds; $23-$27 || courtesy of @senaenelson

Take #twinning to a whole new meaning with these Mommy+Me matching onesies and tees from Savage Seeds. This independent and family-owned company uses only eco-friendly materials to hand craft their one-of-a-kind clothing that has managed to become a cult fave among mommy bloggers. Their sizes range from baby 3m to adult 2xl so be sure to snag yourself one for you and your little while you’re at it!

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