The Mama Collection - Meaningful Jewelry For The Days When You Need It Most

The Mama Collection - Meaningful Jewelry For The Days When You Need It Most

Someone recently told me about an article they read that had said that being a mom these days was the equivalent workload of 2.5 full time jobs. I couldn’t agree more.

More and more often I find myself in complete overwhelm. Between maintaining a household, making sure everyone is clean, healthy and fed, having fresh clothes (and shoes!), never mind the demands that come with school - projects, homework (which most of the time feels like it’s for US) - being a personal chauffeur, secretary, mediator, and I haven’t even touched on my career, we often forget why we became mothers and how important our role is; what our values are as a woman and the kind of people we want these children to become.

For the days when I need a bit of extra luck or #mommotivation to keep me going, I gently close my eyes and touch my Hollamama necklace. It reminds me that even through tough times, minutes, hours, that I am enough. I am a good mother. I am a good wife.  And most importantly, I am a good person. Because sometimes, we need a little pat on the back and whisper, “you got this.”

Check out our guide below to find your personal good luck and motivational amulet.

And shop the entire Mama Collection featuring short and long necklaces and convertible jewelry.

 Hollamama Mama Collection Necklace and Convertible Jewelry - Luna  Hollamama Mama Collection Necklace and Convertible Jewelry - Yuka Hollamama Mama Collection Necklace and Convertible Jewelry - Jia
 Luna gives great attention to aesthetics and beauty. She has intuitive abilities and the power to look into the future. Her mother-ly intuition enables her non-verbal com-munication with her children.

Yuka  is gentle, meticulous yet assertive and intelli-gent. As a mother, she is the peace-maker and brings joy to her home. The Hamsa hands on her belly express the blessing for fertility and motherly protection.


Jia  holds good and enchanting qualities. She provides harmony and pleasant moods to everyone around her. She keeps the spark of life and playful innocence which we are born with. As a mother, she is optimistic and protects her children's hearts.

Milena represents warmth, soft heartedness and close connection to mother earth. Her outer appearance symbolizes motherhood, fertility and the development of feminine strength. As a mother, she is soft, pleasant and provides a sense of security to her children.