Our Favorite DIY Snow Day Activities

Our Favorite DIY Snow Day Activities

As a parent, nothing seems more exciting to your young ones than waking up to a snow covered yard. And though we may love a winter wonderland, let’s face it, having kids stuck in the house all day with nothing to do can put major pressure on you as to find the right activities to keep them B-U-S-Y.

Instead of turning on the video games or binge watching Mickey Mouse, we’ve decided to compile a list of our favorite DIY activities to make those snow days extra special. No worries about having to channel your inner painter or preparing yourself for a whole day of dress up, we’ve been there and have you covered! So, if you find yourself up one morning with a driveway covered in snow and stir crazy kids, here are some of our favorite DIY snow day activities to keep your kids busy during the next big blizzard.


diy chocolate nutella mug cake

Bake, Bake, Bake

The holiday season is over but that doesn’t mean the fun of creating new magical recipes has to go away. Skip the clean up with baking made easy. Mug cakes were one of the trendiest - and fun - food items of 2017 and with dozens of simple recipes, you can’t go wrong with this sweet treat.

Our favorite? 

Chocolate Nutella Mug Cake

4 tbsp self-rising flour

4 tbsp sugar

3 tbsp Nutella

Sprinkle of cocoa powder

3 tbsp milk

3 tbsp oil

1 egg

Combine all ingredients and whisk together. Separate into 2 mugs and microwave for 90 seconds (or more if needed). Top with whipped cream (optional). Voila!


diy hot chocolate marshmallow snowman

Turn Snack Time Into Craft Time

There are so many ways to incorporate fun into any food. Make meal time an interactive experience by utilizing a few ingredients in your pantry. Spice up your hot cocoa with  marshmallow-made snowmen (our favorite!). Or, make lunch time a healthy time with  peanut butter and celery made “ants in a log.”


diy playdough

Make Playdough

Believe or not,  homemade play dough is a quick and easy task for a whole lot of fun. Simply mix together a few household ingredients to create an easy and colorful snow day activity! Get the  full recipe here!


diy indoor scavenger hunt for kids

Scavenger Hunt

The most fun activity to do when we were kids was to go on scavenger hunts. Write down a few clues (ideas here) and let them lose! Not only can you buy yourself some quiet time to get those household chores done, but the memories made will be absolutely priceless (trust us!)


how to make a fort

Create A Campsite

Your snow day is coming to an end, and after all the outdoor activities, baking and snowman making, you’re looking for a way to wind down and keep your little ones busy. Try building a living room campsite complete with a movie and those yummy treats you baked earlier. This is a great way to get your kids in their PJs early, read a few stories and get them to wind down as the day comes to an end. Bonus points if help them build a fort!