Deer Stroller Charm

light pink
light blue
This unique lucky hamsa charm can be hung on a stroller, car seat, diaper bag, bassinet or above the baby's crib as a symbol of protection and positive energy. 

The Deer represents grace, innocence and gentleness. It’s figure is a virtue for rejuvenation, creativity and vigilance. 

The Hamsa hand is a symbol of protection in all faiths, it brings its owner happiness, luck, health and good fortune. Each figure in this collection incorporates the Hamsa hand, expressing the animal’s unique qualities together with protection and good luck.

Note the unique hamsa hand cut out on the deer's tummy.

Pendant is plated in 24 karat gold | Please keep the pin closed and place out of baby's reach.

OVERALL HEIGHT:  3.5"/9cm    PENDANT HEIGHT: 1.5"/3.8cm

BOX AND BAG INCLUDED                made in usa

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