Stroller Charms

Hamsa Stroller Charm Pin
What's a Stroller Charm?
Stroller charms are super trendy and popular in Israel and other areas of Europe.A stroller charm is usually a large kilt pin that holds one or more charms. These charms can include different symbols for good luck such as the Hamsa Hand (also known as the Hand of Fatima). a large kilt pin for your stroller that incorporates the Hamsa hand, which is know for protecting against the evil eye and bringing good luck.  
The Hamsa hand is a symbol of protection, it brings it’s owner 
happiness • luck • health • good fortune
Forest Collection                            Farm Collection                          Jungle Collection
Our Stroller Charms incorporate the Hamsa hand into adorable animal figures from our Farm, Jungle and Forest collections. Each animal brings it's unique virtues adding power and meaning to this special amulet. 
Stroller Charms can be pinned to the stroller shade, diaper bag, car seat or above the bassinet. They make the absolute-most perfect and meaningful baby shower gift for the mom-to-be! 
Owl Baby Gift Set
Our charms come in 9 different animal figures and in 8 different satin ribbon colors to choose from!
Elephant Stroller Charm
Owl Stroller Charm
Monkey Stroller Charm
Bunny Stroller Charm