The Mama Collection

The Hamsa hand is a symbol of protection in all faiths, it brings it’s owner happiness, luck, health and good fortune. Each figure in this collection incorporates the Hamsa hand, expressing unique feminine qualities together with protection and good luck.

 Luna Yuka Jia Milena

Luna gives great attention to aesthetics and beauty. She has intuitive abilities and the power to look into the future. Her motherly intuition enables her non-verbal communication with her children.

Jia holds good and enchanting qualities. She sets harmony and pleasant mood on her surroundings. She keeps the spark of life and playful innocence which we are born with. As a mother, she is optimistic and protects her children’s hearts.

Yuka is gentle, meticulous yet assertive and intelligent. As a mother, she is the peacemaker and joy-bringer to her home. The Hamsa hands on her belly express the blessing for fertility and motherly protection.

Milena represents warmth, soft heartedness and close connection to mother earth. Her outer appearance symbolizes motherhood, fertility and the development of feminine strength. As a mother, she is soft, pleasant and provides a sense of security to her children.